Potato Bacon Soup

After reading endless soup recipes, I finally took all my favorite parts from each recipe and came up with this one. It’s now requested at ALL family functions! Hope you enjoy as much as we do!!!

Cook time: 30 Min  Prep time: 15 Min  Serves: A LOT

Potato Bacon Soup
Potato Bacon Soup














6-7 large potatoes, peeled and cut into bite size pieces

1 medium onion, chopped

2 can(s) chicken broth, 14.5 oz

1 can(s) cream of chicken soup, 10 3/4 oz.

1 can(s) cream of celery soup,10 3/4 oz.

8 oz cream cheese, softened & cubed

1 tsp garlic powder

1/2 stick unsalted butter

salt & pepper, to taste

1/2 c milk (for thinning, but I never use it. I like thick soup!)

1 pkg real bacon bits or cooked crumbled bacon (use the amount you like…we love bacon around here!)

cheddar cheese, shredded

green onions


Potato Bacon Soup
Potato Bacon Soup


1. Cook potatoes and onion in chicken broth along with just enough water to cover potatoes and onions.

Cook until tender. (Once tender, I used a potato masher to mash a few to make the soup kinda thick. Don’t mash ALL the potatoes because you still want chunks of potato in the soup!)

2. Add cubes of cream cheese. Remove from heat until cheese is melted. Return to low/medium heat.

3. Add half the bacon, soups, butter, and spices. Cook for another 10 or so minutes.

4. Garnish with shredded cheddar cheese and bacon pieces. I also used a little green onion to garnish. ** I added a small handful of shredded cheddar cheese to the soup when adding the bacon, soups, butter & spices… just because we love the cheddar taste! **** Serve HOT & Enjoy! 🙂


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